presenter title type files
ANGELAKIS, Emmanouil F-GAMMA: multi-frequency radio monitoring of Fermi blazars talk eangelakis.key eangelakis.pdf
BERKHUIJSEN, Elly M.; BECK, Rainer Fourty years of M31 observations with the Effelsberg Telescope talk eberkhuijsen.pdf
BRIENZA, Marisa Single dish observations for the study of the AGN duty cycle talk mbrienza.pdf
BRUNI, Gabriele From single-dish to space-VLBI: the pivotal role of Effelsberg in AGN studies talk gbruni.pdf
CASSANELLI, Tomas Out-of-focus holography at the Effelsberg telescope talk tcassanelli.pdf
CHAMPION, David Pulsar Projects at the Effelsberg Telescope talk dchampion.pdf
DURJASZ, Michał Variability of 22 GHz water and 6.7 GHz methanol masers in G111.256-0.770 poster
GOPALAKRISHNAN NAIR, Dhanya A Global Millimeter VLBI Array Survey of Compact Extra Galactic Radio Sources at 86 GHz talk dnair.pdf
JARON, Frederic Detection of radio quasi-periodic oscillations in the gamma-ray-loud X-ray binary LS I +61°303 talk fjaron.pdf
KERP, Jürgen “How to maintain the star formation of the Milky Way Galaxy?” On the value of single dish HI full-sky surveys talk jkerp.pdf
KIERDORF, Maja Polarized emission of cluster merger shock fronts talk mkierdorf.pdf
KLEIN, Uli Radio synchrotron spectra of star-forming galaxies talk uklein.pdf
KOTHES, Roland Radio Continuum Studies of Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae with the 100-m Effelsberg telescope talk rkothes.pdf
KRAMER, Busaba Variability of Water Masers in W49N: Results from Effelsberg Long-term Monitoring Programme (2014-2017) talk bkramer.pdf
KRAUS, Alex Discussions, workshop synopsis talk akraus.pdf
KRAUSE, Marita Extragalactic Radio Continuum Observations with the Effelsberg 100-m Telescope: Total Intensity and Linear Polarization talk mkrause.pdf
LEURINI, Silvia The ATLASGAL catalogue of class I methanol masers talk sleurini.pdf
LIU, Xunchuan Investigation of molecular outflow chemistry with carbon chain molecules talk xliu.pdf
MCKEE, James Pulsar Science with the Large European Array for Pulsars talk jmckee.pdf
MYSERLIS, Ioannis High precision polarimetry and sources with stable linear and circular polarization in the GHz regime talk imyserlis.pdf
NIKIEL-WROCZYŃSKI, Błażej Colliding Worlds Science with the Effelsberg talk bnikiel-wroczynski.pdf
OLECH, Mateusz; WOLAK, Paweł Multifrequency monitoring of periodic maser sources. poster not available
ROS, Eduardo Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry with Effelsberg talk eros.pdf
SALAS, Pedro Radio recombination lines: the synergy between a big dish and dipoles talk psalas.pdf
SPITLER, Laura Fast Radio Burst Science with Effelsberg talk lspitler.pdf
TARCHI, Andrea Extragalactic maser science with large radio telescopes talk atarchi.pdf
TIBURZI, Caterina Pulsar observations with German LOFAR stations talk
TÓTH, L. Viktor Ammonia surveys of the Galactic cold interstellar medium talk vtoth.pdf
TRIPPE, Sascha The Inner Jet Structure of 3C 84 from GMVA Mapping talk strippe.pdf
TUCCILLO, Diego Multi-band studies on High-redshift BAL quasars poster dtuccillo.pdf
VYAS, Charitarth Fueling the Milky Way Galaxy: on the formation of high altitude molecular gas poster
WIECHING, Gundolf New receivers, phased-array feed, spectropolarimeter talk gwieching.pdf
WILMS, Joern X-rays and the Effelsberg telescope talk jwilms.pdf
WINKEL, Benjamin Broadband calibration for single-dish telecopes talk bwinkel.pdf
WOLAK, Paweł; KRAMER, Busaba; OLECH, Mateusz Discovery of Water Maser Superburst with Effelsberg and Torun Radio Telescopes poster pwolak.pdf