4 July 2017
Europe/Berlin timezone
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MPIfR - 0.02

The parsec-scale distribution of atomic hydrogen in the radio galaxy 3C236


  • Dr. Robert SCHULZ

Primary authors


The jets of powerful radio galaxies are known to play a vital role in regulating the gas distribution of the host galaxy. Evidence for this includes observations of fast outflows of neutral hydrogen gas detected in absorption in a number of radio galaxies, though these observations mostly lacked the resolution to pinpoint the location of the outflow with respect to the jet system. However, this can be achieved by Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) and it was demonstrated for the first time in 4C12.50. Based on this, we have been conducting a study to locate and characterise the outflow of neutral gas on parsec scales in a small sample of young and recently restarted radio galaxies. Here, we will present results from a global VLBI observation of the restarted giant radio galaxy 3C236 revealing a complex gas distribution and kinematic. The improved sensitivity and bandwidth compared to previous observations enable us to recover at least part of the outflowing gas over a broad velocity range of about 600km/s and to pinpoint its location to be within 40pc of the nuclear region. We also detect diffuse gas in the region of the counter-jet lobe that is not just related to the regular rotating disk. These clouds seem to trace the gas through which the jet is travelling, thus providing constrains on the physical conditions that could be important for theoretical models.