4 July 2017
Europe/Berlin timezone
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MPIfR - 0.02

VLBI and gamma-ray studies of radio galaxies


  • Mr. Roberto ANGIONI

Primary authors



The $\gamma$-ray sky is strongly dominated by blazars, i.e. AGN with relativistic jets oriented closely with our line of sight. Radio galaxies are their misaligned counterpart, and make up about $\sim$1-2% of all AGN observed by Fermi-LAT. Nonetheless, they provide us with a view of AGN jets which is less biased by Doppler boosting effects, and allow us to test jet production and emission models in light of the unified scheme of radio-loud AGN. The combination of $\gamma$-ray data and high-resolution VLBI studies is a powerful tool in order to investigate these objects. We present an ongoing study focused on the radio galaxies in the southern-hemisphere VLBI (and multi-wavelenght) monitoring program TANAMI. We combine VLBI kinematics at 8.4 GHz with $\gamma$-ray monitoring provided by Fermi-LAT. Here we present the results on the $\gamma$-ray detected sources (Pictor A, PKS 0521$-$36, PKS 0625$-$35, Centaurus B and PKS 1718$-$649).