from 30 November 2015 to 2 December 2015
Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Programme

Dissecting the Universe - Workshop on Results from High-Resolution VLBI

Recent developments have pushed the limits of resolution in astrophysics to new frontiers. Very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI) at millimetre wavelengths or using antennas in space yields resolutions down to tens of microarcseconds (that is, fractions of nanoradians). These observations probe compact objects such as the innermost regions of active galactic nuclei. Space VLBI is living a new era at present with the results from the RadioAstron mission, enhancing radio interferometry in terms of resolution at least one order of magnitude with respect to ground-based VLBI. Millimetre VLBI also brings radio interferometry to a new range of resolution and with much enhanced sensitivity due to improvements in data bit rate. With more antennas capable of VLBI at 3-mm wavelength, and successful observations being carried out at 1-mm, a new window is open to universe at unprecedented resolution. This workshop will review recent results on high resolution radio astronomy, including opportunities provided by new antennas becoming available. It will also discuss on the applications of high-resolution imaging techniques and the synergies in the study of compact objects by space and mm-VLBI together.

Scientific Organising Committee:

E. Ros (MPIfR; Chair), M. Giroletti (IRA-INAF), T. Hovatta (Aalto Univ.), Y.Y. Kovalev (ASC Lebedev), A.P. Lobanov (MPIfR), J.A. Zensus (MPIfR)

Local Organising Committee:

E. Ros (Chair), G. Bruni, B. Naunheim, J.A. Zensus

Following sessions have been programmed:

Dissecting the Universe - General Program
  Monday, November 30th
13:00-14:40 I - RadioAstron
15:10-17:15 II - mm-VLBI: the GMVA, nearby objects
  Tuesday, December 1st
09:00-10:35 III - mm-VLBI: AGN at 3mm
11:05-12:45 IV - RadioAstron: AGN at high brightness temperatures
14:00-15:30 V - mm-VLBI: SgrA* at 3mm and 1mm, EHT
16:00-18:10 VI - RadioAstron: AGN and beyond
18:05-21:00 Recepton and Scientific Discussion
  Wednesday, December 2nd
09:00-10:20 VII - mm-VLBI: spectral lines
10:55-12:45 VIII - RadioAstron: Galactic and extragalactic masers, pulsars, & technique
14:00-15:20 IX - mm-VLBI and the KVN
15:50-17:50 X - VLBI science and technique, outlooks

The timetable can be found at the corresponding navigation menu and here.

Posters will be shown at the entrance hall.  Poster presenters will have the chance to show their results in short 3-min presentations during the sessions.

Name Title
Dissecting the Universe - Poster Presentations
Ms. KAMALI, Fateme Jets from Water-Disk-Megamaser Galaxies
Mr. LISAKOV, Mikhail
Accurate shifts measurements for AGN multifrequency VLBI maps
Dr. PILIPENKO, Sergey Quasar 0529+483 on Space-Earth baselines: brightness temperature and scattering substructure from RadioAstron observations
Dr. PASHCHENKO, Ilya Assessing uncertainties of VLBI results
Dr. RUDNITSKIY, Alexey Primary data processing in Space-VLBI missions. ASC Correlator.
Dr. VAN BEMMEL, Ilse JIVE Role in BlackHoleCam
Mr. VOYTSIK, Petr RadioAstron AGN survey: statistics of sources detections
Mr. ZUGA, Victor ASL Software Package: VLBI data reduction and imaging.