3-4 August 2023
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Chile/Continental timezone
Presentations and group picture online

Scientific Programme

The observatory:

  • The Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (Menten, MPIfR)
  • Status of the observatory (Duran, APEX/ESO)
  • APEX operation (Parra, APEX/ESO)
  • APEX instrumentation (Klein, MPIfR)
  • Status of the AMKID camera at APEX (Reyes, MPIfR)
  • Submm calibration scale and monitoring (Dumke, PUC/MPIfR)
  • General discussion on the observatory status (All)

Science with APEX:

  • Extragalactic science at the MPIfR with APEX (Weiss, MPIfR)
  • APEX observations of the brightest water line in low redshift ULIRGs (Quinatoa, U de Valparaiso)
  • APEX CO survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud (Rubio U de Chile)
  • Monitoring the activity of distant comet C/2017 K2 (Yang, Diego Portales U)
  • Galactic science at the MPIfR with APEX (Wyrowski, MPIfR)
  • Molecular outflow chemistry (Mardones, U de Chile)
  • The Galactic center and beyond (Riquelme, U de la Serena)
  • APEX Legacy programs: SEDIGISM as example (Perez-Beaupuits, PUC/MPIfR)


  • A panoptic view of RCW36. Massive star formation in a bipolar HII region (Garcia, UCN/NAOC)
  • Massive Protoclusters observed with ALMA and APEX (Alvarez-Gutierrez, U of Concepcion)
  • New EHT telescopes in Chile and potential synergies with APEX (Nagar, U of Concepcion)
  • Synergies between APEX and other submm telescopes for high-z science (Aravena, Diego Portales U)
  • Instrumentation projects at UChile (Finger, UChile)
  • Astronomy projects at PUC (Dünner, PUC)
  • Science application to Chilean APEX time: astrochemical studies (Merello, ANID)

General discussions (all):