14-17 November 2023
Ruhr-University Bochum
Europe/Berlin timezone
Please upload your presentation - see "Further Information"


We kindly ask all the speakers to upload their presentations in the PDF format to:


For easy search, the file name should be your last name e.g., Jansky.pdf.


The conference fee is 150,00 EUR. It includes the general conference participation, as well as coffee breaks, planetarium visit and reception, and the conference dinner.

Please pay the Conference fee for the Radio2023 via 

we have set up accordingly a Conference page for Radio2023
on this platform. The payment is carried out via PayPal. It allows 
you to pay with your PayPal account, a credit or debit card (Lastschrift).

In order to transfer the Conference fee please proceed as follows:
   - Register at https://science-media.org
   - log in to your account 
   - search conference 'Radio2023', click on view more  
   - go to 'Register for conference' at bottom of page
   - on 'Register for conference' page 
       you may select 'Please use the address information from my profile' 
   - go to 'pay now'
   - pay via PayPal, 
            using you PayPal account, 
            credit card (no PayPal account needed) or 
            debit card (Lastschrift, no PayPal account needed) 
   - You will receive an invoice and a conference ticket via email  


Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB)

  • Conference venue: Veranstaltungszentrum; Saal 3 and seminar room Krakau in the Veranstaltungszentrum of RUB. See the overview map of the area: 


How to reach the venue:

We strongly recommend using public transport: U35 toward Bochum Hustadt (TQ) from the main station. The Veranstaltungszentrum is situated in the Mensa building at the southern end of the campus. To reach the main venue from the tram station, enter the campus via the large bridge, and pass the main library and the Audimax. On the right side, follow the signs toward Mensa or Veranstaltungszentrum. The main entrance of the Veranstaltungszentrum is located below the Mensa. Use the stairs on the right side of the Mensa to access the main entrance.

If you come by car, please use the address  "Universitätsstraße 150 44801 Bochum" and follow the signs toward P9; use the elevator to enter the Veranstaltungszentrum. The conference is hosted in Saal 3 of the Veranstaltungszentrum. The seminar room Krakau, used for board meetings, is situated above our main conference venue. Use the elevator close to Saal 3 and go to the top level (level 01). This room can also be accessed by entering the Mensa building directly on the top level.

  • Lunch: Building TG 4 (Mensa) - walking distance from the conference venue

Conference dinner Beckmanns Hof, Saal Tours (Im Lottental 88a; 44801 Bochum) - it is located in walking distance from the conference venue.

Planetarium Bochum  (Castroper Str. 67, 44791 Bochum)

How to reach Planetarium:

- Take the U35 towards Bochum Riemke Markt or Herne Schloß Strünkede and leave at Hbf, Bochum
- Take either the 316 towards Bochum Heinrichstr. or the 308 towards Bochum Schürbankstr. and leave at Planetarium, Bochum

Please refer to the schedule for the exact location of the various events.