28-29 October 2021
TU Wien Freihaus
Europe/Vienna timezone
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TU Wien Freihaus - DC 02 030 "Jupiter"

Analysis of short scan EU-VGOS sessions



Primary authors



In 2020 eleven EU-VGOS session were observed with particularly short integration times. Initially the main purpose of these sessions was to test how short VGOS scans can be in practice. Our aim was to investigate the suitability of these sessions for a regular geodetic analysis and an assessment of the quality of the results. We used the Vienna VLBI and Satellite Software (VieVS) for the analysis of these sessions. Six databases turned out to be useful for geodetic analysis. We present our results and discuss our parametrization. We conclude that Pseudo Stokes I fringe-fitting delivered usable databases and geodetic results are reasonable even for scan lengths down to 10 seconds.