28-29 October 2021
TU Wien Freihaus
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Contribution Talk

TU Wien Freihaus - DC 02 030 "Jupiter"

The EVN software correlator at JIVE (SFXC)


  • Dr. Mark KETTENIS

Primary authors



While the SFXC correlator at JIVE is (currently) not a VGOS correlator, it has in recent years gained the capability to function as a geodetic correlator. This functionality has been successfully used to refine the positions of some of the EVN stations that don't take part in geodetic observation on a regular basis. The aim is also for SFXC to be able to correlate VGOS data. In this contribution we will present the geodetic capabilities of the SFXC correlator, focusing on how it differs from the DiFX correlator that is used at other correlation centers. We will also present an update on the correlation infrastructure at JIVE for comparison with reports from other correlators within the EU-VGOS collaboration.