28-29 October 2021
TU Wien Freihaus
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Contribution Talk

TU Wien Freihaus - DC 02 030 "Jupiter"

Post-correlation polarimetric conversion: advantages for calibration and imaging


  • Dr. Ivan MARTI-VIDAL

Primary authors



The calibration and imaging of VLBI observations in circular polarization basis is preferred, since the parallactic-angle correction reduced to a simple deterministic phase correction that commutes with all antenna-gain corrections. Circular polarization has indeed been the polarimetry basis in classical VLBI observations. Hence, conversion of the linear-polarization VGOS visibilities into a pure circular basis allows for a direct application of legacy Geodesy and Astronomy algorithms to VGOS observations.

Here we show how the "PolConvert" algorithm can be used to derive the cross-polarization gains of all VGOS antennas and use it to convert the DiFX products to circular basis. We also show preliminary broad-band fringe-fitting results and image reconstructions obtained from EU-VGOS observations.